This article tries to provide a perspective that might be of some help to people. So let’s get started.

Whenever we come in contact with someone who seems to hold good knowledge about diverse set of seemingly unrelated topics, it raise a question in our mind and that question is “How”, “how he can know ‘everything’?”.

And in this quest of finding an answer or quenching curiosity in short period of time, we jump to the conclusion that this might be happening because he reads too much or he devotes his entire time on just gathering information.

And in this process, what we miss is that he might not devote his time on gathering information but on gaining knowledge. What we miss is that there runs a common thread in each different topic.

Every subject or topic is created to get a better understanding of the world around us. Whenever we see something happening around, we try to understand that, we don’t categories them in the disciplines such as maths, science,  economics, etc.

‘What we observe, what we understand and how this is going to help us understand the real world’ all comes first and only after that is accomplished, this new knowledge gets its place in different subjects as it suits them.

So, when we observe someone with knowledge of different seemingly unrelated topics, our thinking moves backward, first from subject ,then the knowledge, then the information and lastly how this might have gained.

And thus, it will be of some help, if we can change this perception or this thinking mechanism towards gaining knowledge from ‘gaining information’ to ‘understanding the real events around us’.