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Neo4j- Graph Database

 If you are working with data, you might have always used a tabular structure of data. In tabular structure, we have a lot of tables that are interconnected with the use of Primary keys and secondary keys. Data follows a… Continue Reading →

Sharpe Ratio and Information Ratio

Once we start to learn about financial market and the portfolio investment or start to follow some financial guru to understand their investment approach towards financial market, it become clearer that we need to have some basic metric against which… Continue Reading →

Approach towards knowledge

This article tries to provide a perspective that might be of some help to people. So let’s get started. Whenever we come in contact with someone who seems to hold good knowledge about diverse set of seemingly unrelated topics, it… Continue Reading →

Unbelievable arguments

Sometimes we come across things in our daily life that seems to be incorrect or challenges whatever we have learned and thus we quickly reach to a conclusion that it must be wrong.  After reaching this conclusion we are left… Continue Reading →