What do we understand from personal growth?

Is it the case adding something in your life or removing it.

One example is that of a person who has not travelled much, have a set of people around him, and have some kind of fixed routine in his life.

This situation might make him experience same situations over and over again. Personal growth in this case could be to observe daily situation and observe your own reactions and actions towards it. It provides an opportunity to correct own behaviour to allow for more positive results. And this might gradually improve his or her daily life a little by little.

So, for personal growth, his experience and actions towards correction are forms of gaining knowledge. Is a process of carefully adding some thing in his personality, that is tried and tested and have generated positive results. Being in the closed environment provides a set of control, which allow him to make conscious efforts.

So, this is the process of adding something in your behaviour or your understanding of oneself.

Another example could be of a person who is always present in the uncontrolled environment. He is present in always new situation. So not sure what could be done. Every reaction and action is new and he did not get the chance to observe and correct it for the next time.

Only thing that could be done in this situation is to analysis it after the incident takes place. De facto analysis.

And only result of this analysis is that he loses out his own understanding of himself a bit by bit.

Every person has a set of principle, he assumes defines his personality and believes that this is the thing which will dictate his behaviour. And thus has a sense of idea as per his personality about his own behaviour in different situations.

Once a person counters an incident in uncontrolled environment his sudden action and reaction could be something entirely different from his preconceived notion.

And if this happens only once in while than it won’t have any impact on his own understanding of himself. But if this process keeps happening a lot and his behaviour contradicts with his own personal definition, then it only shows him one option and that is to remove some part of his own understanding of himself. it could be not added as new as it is not consciously done and has no real process and thus no real significance allowing it to be added.

So, for this person, personal growth could be about losing some preconceived notion about himself.